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Site Park Plan
On Sept 11, 2001 our country was attacked. Where were you for the 102 minutes the last tower stood and the 12 seconds it took for them to collapse? The family and friends of 343 firefighters, 60 NYPD and Port Authority Police who lost their lives helping others remember. A total of 2,819 people never returned home. All their families remember. The Firefighters of IAFF Local 1828 are collecting donations for the construction of a Memorial honoring Fallen Firefighters, Police officers and civilians who perished that day. The memorial's design will creatively display a one-ton steel beam from the World Trade Center. The new Edmonds 9-11 Memorial Park will be part of the Fallen Firefighters Memorial, located in Edmonds, just outside Fire Station 17, on the corner of 6th Ave N. and Sprague St. The Firefighters of IAFF Local 1828 would appreciate your help.

The Fallen Firefighters Memorial Park was created to honor a local firefighter, Captain Bill Angel, who died in the line of duty in 1995. The park's Fallen Firefighter Memorial flagpole flies at half-staff 3 days for every firefighter that dies in the line of duty across America. Subsequent to the attacks on 9/11 this park has been where firefighters, police and civilians gather to honor those lost on that fateful day. The new memorial will more fully represent all of those lost and continue to perish due to the attack.

The process to acquire an artifact form the World Trade Center was years in the making. There were 1,117 artifacts from ground zero stored at hangar 17 of the John F. Kennedy Memorial Airport that were distributed across the country that were to be used in memorials. The requirements of the Port Authority of New York were met through the cooperative efforts of IAFF Local 1828, SCFD1, and the City of Edmonds. In the 11th hour one of their firefighters, Dave "Bronco" Erickson, flew back to New York to accept a one-ton steel beam from the World Trade Center. With the help of local FDNY firefighters, the beam was loaded and shipped to Edmonds to be installed in the Fallen Firefighters Memorial Park.

The one-ton artifact was transported from Seattle to Edmonds by firefighters with a full police motorcade escort. The beam was transferred to a display cart and received by the firefighter's honor guard and local dignitaries. Since that time, the artifact has been at SCFD1 Station 17 in Edmonds displayed with their antique fire engine, while the permanent memorial design was finalized.

With favorable design in hand, the firefighters are now soliciting the public for funding. The project has a total construction cost of approximately $150,000. As per the requirements of the Port Authority of New York, no tax dollars are allowed for the construction of this memorial. Therefore, the firefighters are asking for help from the general public, private corporations and civic groups to donate, as they feel appropriate. In addition. the firefighters will be raffling a hand blown glass firefighter's helmet, an accurately sized helmet created by local glass artist, Dimitri Michaelidas. It is valued at $2,000. The helmet is very unique and The artist will never create another. You can view the helmet on display with the WTC beam at Station 17 in Edmonds. The lucky winner will be chosen just before Christmas.Raffle tickets are $34.30 each. Only 5,000 tickets will be sold. Click here to learn more.

Please give to support the Firefighter's efforts to construct this park by donating online or sending a check.

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